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The Business of Your Life

Former IDS/American Express financial planner Keith Lloyd Brown divulges the secrets and strategies teens and young adults need to know to master the world of finance. He presents these alongside biblical principles to provide a solidly biblical approach to money management that extends way beyond the basics.
In this comprehensive guide, teens and young adults will...
money Learn how to superbly formulate a masterful budget. stack of bills Get in on the best-kept secrets of the essential types of insurance. Gain the power to part the clouds that keep stocks and bonds a mystery. Take a unique tour of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. View the blueprints to build financial security on a solid foundation. Acquire the skill to prepare reports that keep you on track for a lifetime.
"The Business of Your Life covers all the basics, and well."
—Christopher Farrell, Economics commentator, Minnesota Public Radio, Senior economics contributor, Marketplace.
Author of Unretirement and The New Frugality.
"A comprehensive, accessible, and faith-filled guide to thinking clearly about the meaning of your money. The Business of Your Life offers a splendid introduction to economics and personal finance and is just the sort of book I wish my father had given me as a young man."
—Dr. Ryan N. S. Topping, Vice-President and Academic Dean, Newman Theological College, Edmonton, and author of The Case for Catholic Education.
"The Business of Your Life not only summarized many of the important financial concepts I’ve learned over my career, but also taught me some new ones. My children will definitely have to read this book."
—Chad Skally, President, Skally’s Tax Service, Inc.


Keith Lloyd Brown has been an English major, an accounting major, a business owner, and an IDS/American Express financial planner, among other things. These experiences and a commitment to his faith and biblical principles have converged to create The Business of Your Life: A Young Christian's Guide to Financial Literacy.

Educator Resources

Integrate The Business of Your Life: A Young Christian’s Guide to Financial Literacy into your traditional or home-school classroom. Author Keith Lloyd Brown provides a free, downloadable, supplement to the book designed to help educators teach the important topics of the book: from balancing a checkbook, to understanding taxes, to creating a budget, and more.

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